A semi-truck crashed into a pickup truck on I-15 near Pocatello, Idaho on July 2, 2015 when a tire on the pickup truck blew, causing the driver of the truck, Adam Schrand, to lose control of his pickup truck and a trailer he was pulling. After the tire blew, Schrand drove his pickup truck and trailer through the median of I15 and into oncoming traffic before colliding with the semi-truck driven by Luke Viernow.

Following the collision, several people involved in the crash sought treatment for their injuries at the hospital in Pocatello, Portneuf Medical Center. The occupants of the two vehicles were all wearing their seatbelts according to police.

Traffic was blocked on the highway for about two hours while the Idaho State Police investigated and cleared the scene. Motorists were directed by the Idaho State Police to use alternate routes or to avoid the I-15 near the Pocatello, ID area if the motorists were traveling northbound.

Keep safe by regularly checking your tires.

Tire manufacturers suggest that tires are checked once a month for tire pressure and wear. A simple method to use to check a tire for damage or wear is called the penny test. Hold a penny so Abraham Lincoln’s head is upside down and place the penny into the groove that looks the most worn. The tires are legal if the tread covers any part of Lincoln’s head.

Tire pressure cannot be accurately determined by visual inspection of the tire so a tire gauge is necessary to determine whether the tire has proper tire pressure. Tire pressure should be checked when the tires are cold. Not only will regular tire pressure checks help with safety, they will also help with fuel efficiency, which could lower your gas expense.