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Idaho Falls & Pocatello Personal Injury Lawyer, Brent Gordon

Southeast Idaho personal injury lawyer Brent Gordon, is an aggressive and trusted lawyer with law offices in Pocatello and Idaho Falls, Idaho. Brent focuses his practice on the representation of victims of negligence. Our law firm handles every type of personal injury claim and has successfully obtained impressive settlements and awards for clients injured in car accidents to semi-truck accidents to motorcycle accidents and other personal injuries. The attorneys at Brent Gordon Law have represented clients with a wide range of injuries from minor whiplash to serious brain injuries and wrongful death for years. In addition to motor vehicle negligence claims, our attorneys handle dog bites, slip and fall accidents, and workers’ compensation cases.

Our lawyers in Idaho Falls and Pocatello will not back down! We will take every step necessary to make the insurance company pay every penny it owes you.

Here are some examples of results obtained by our personal injury attorneys:

$379,000 – Failure to Yield
$271,000 – Illegal U-Turn
$200,000 – Failure to Yield

$240,000 – Ran Stop Sign
$300,000 – Failure to Yield
$250,000 – Ran Stop Sign

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Injury Law Firm Client Reviews

Clients of Brent Gordon Law Firm love us and you will too.

Brent Gordon Law and All his staff are amazing, friendly and professional. Easy to talk to. I'm a flagger got hit while working. I called spoke with Brent about my situation he took my case and I got great results. Again Thank You... I recommend them to everyone.

Brenda E. Avatar
Brenda E.

Britney was extremely helpful! She helped me through the process and put my mind at ease. Would definitely recommend them!

Briana C. Avatar
Briana C.

THESE GUYS ARE AMAZING! I was hit by a professor at BYUI while riding my bike to class. Originally, I intended to deal with the legal matters by myself w/o getting a lawyer. Once the other parties insurance (Liberty Mutual) learned about this, they tried taking advantage of me by claiming the professor wasn’t liable (even though he was cited for failure to yield)... typical insurance company trying to save as much money as possible, even at the expense of... read more

Luke G. Avatar
Luke G.

If ever you need someone strong in your corner, this is the place to get great results and a team of professionalism. They really can beat Goliath

MaryLee L. Avatar
MaryLee L.

Don and Britney are great! They were very helpful and assisted me from start to finish. Excellent customer service.

Darby P. Avatar
Darby P.

The Southeast Idaho personal injury lawyers at Brent Gordon Law in Idaho Falls and Pocatello are trusted, experienced and aggressive car crash attorneys. Our car accident law firm’s personal injury lawyers handle car accident claims for people injured by careless drivers in Southeast Idaho. The attorneys at Brent Gordon Law Firm have successfully recovered money from insurance companies who ensure negligent drivers who fail to stop at stop signs and red lights, fail to yield to oncoming traffic, are texting while driving, driving while under the influence, or are not paying attention.

Brent Gordon Law Firm’s auto accident lawyers will assist clients by obtaining witness statements, photos of the accident scene, and police reports. We will help you find a doctor who will properly diagnose and treat your injuries as well as handle any medical bills. An experienced lawyer from Brent Gordon Law will also negotiate a settlement that will fairly compensate you for all of your damages, including money for medical bills, lost wages, lost business income, property damage, pain and suffering, permanent injuries, scars, and more.

Visit our car accident page to learn more. Call 208-23-CRASH to get started on your car accident case with an experienced attorney.

A wrongful death claim may be brought by several individuals who have a relationship with the deceased. Who can bring a claim? What about the person’s estate, does it have a claim? Who pays for the medical bills and funeral expenses? The answers to these questions might surprise you. The Southeast Idaho personal injury attorneys at Brent Gordon Law Firm are here to help you with the answers to these and many other questions involved in wrongful death cases. Please call us at 208-232-7274 if someone close to you passes away in an accident. We are here to help.

Visit our wrongful death page for more information.


The Southeast Idaho personal injury attorneys at Brent Gordon Law know what it takes to receive a fair settlement from a semi truck accident. Injuries from semi truck accidents are often complex because they implicate federal and state safety laws that regulate commercial vehicles. For example, operators of certain commercial vehicles are required to obtain a commercial driver’s license after taking a test, In addition, truck owners are required to obtain travel logs and other important information to show that their semi trucks are being operated in a safe and reasonable manner.

Hiring a personal injury attorney like Brent Gordon, who understands these laws and has experience dealing with self-insured trucking companies and commercial insurance companies, will lead to fair settlements and a better result for you. Hire a truck accident lawyer from Brent Gordon Law to take on the big guys and are not afraid to fight a big trucking company or a big insurance company.

Visit our semi truck accident page to learn more.


Worker’s compensation laws are intended to provide injured workers with a number of benefits to help the worker recover. These benefits include the payment of medical bills, temporary disability, impairment rating benefits, and permanent disability. Benefits are owed regardless of fault – meaning, the employer’s insurance company must pay the benefits even if the accident was the worker’s fault. Receive the compensation you deserve. Contact Brent Gordon Law Firm today by calling (208) 552-0467.

The Southeast Idaho personal injury attorneys at Brent Gordon Law assist workers who are denied benefits by their employer’s insurance company because of a dispute about the cause of the injury or whether the worker was on the job at the time of the accident. In addition, we represent workers whose injuries are so serious that they will result in permanent partial or total disability. We’ll hire expert doctors and/or vocational rehabilitation experts to determine a worker’s disability rating and then negotiate a lump sum payment with the employer’s insurance carrier. Call now for a free consultation at (208) 552-0467.

Visit our Worker’s Compensation page to learn more.


Property owners who fail to remove dangerous conditions that result in slip and fall or trip and fall accidents are responsible for damages caused by their negligence. The Idaho Falls slip and fall attorneys and Pocatello slip and fall attorneys at Brent Gordon Law have recovered settlements for slip and fall accidents from businesses or homeowners that fail to clean snowy or ice-covered walkways leading to their business or home. Receive the compensation you deserve. Call (208) 232-7274 now.

Visit our slip and fall accident page to learn more.


Motorcycle accidents often cause serious injuries, resulting in surgery, long hospital stays and high medical bills. The Southeast Idaho personal injury attorneys at Brent Gordon Law have years of experience investigating sources of insurance available to fairly compensate motorcycle accident victims with large medical expenses. We know and understand the insurance provisions in insurance policies and will often locate additional policies that will provide coverage for our clients’ injuries.

In addition, we have trusted relationships with the medical providers and hospitals in Idaho Falls and Pocatello areas to ensure that our clients get the treatment they need to recover from their injuries. Our law firm fights hard to make our clients whole and make sure they receive fair compensation for their settlement. Let us help you beat Goliath! Call (208) 552-0467 now to get started on your case.

Visit our motorcycle accident page for more information.

Dog owners who negligently harbor vicious dogs that bite people are liable for the injuries caused by their dogs. Each dog owner has a legal duty to ensure their dogs do not bite others. This duty includes keeping their dogs safely secured behind fences, in a home, or on a leash. The attorneys at Brent Gordon Law Firm will hold dog owners accountable for their negligence. We seek compensation for our dog bite clients to make up for the permanent scars, disfigurement, and emotional distress that can result from vicious dog bites. Check out our dog bite page to learn more about dog bite injury laws in Idaho. Call our Idaho Falls or Pocatello law office now for a free consultation at 208-232-7274. This is your opportunity to discuss your dog bite with an experienced personal injury attorney.

Bicyclists injured in bicycle accidents have a right to recover money damages from drivers who negligently and carelessly cause a bicycle accident. The Southeast Idaho personal injury attorneys at Brent Gordon Law are avid bicyclists and are passionate about protecting the rights of bicyclists who are injured by careless drivers who do not share the road with bicyclists or refuse to respect the rights of bicyclists. Call us now at (208) 552-0467 for a free consultation about your bicycle accident case.

Visit our bicycle accident page for more information.

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