A child in Rexburg Idaho was injured after falling from a second story apartment window. The accident happened at 7:30 this morning and boy was transported to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center, where his condition is unknown. According to reports, the boy was on a bed leaning against the screen of an open window when the screen popped out and the toddler fell.

Toddlers falling out of windows is a sadly common occurrence. According to a study conducted by Time Magazine in 2011, approximately 5,000 children fall from windows each year, which equates to almost 14 kids a day. Falling injuries can be very serious, even deadly. There have been a number of programs in the last decade which have increased awareness of toddler falls, but sadly serious injuries from falls are still a shockingly common occurrence. When toddlers are around windows, it’s important to have protections in place. Parents can use window stops as protection, these stops are screwed into the frame of windows and blocks the window from sliding too far upwards. Parents can also limit access to windows by moving dressers, beds and nightstands away from the openings. Window screens do not prevent falls, and should absolutely not be relied upon as a safety measure. Any home that has a second story window presents a potential risk to a child.