Police Officer Involved in a Car Crash While on the Way to Investigate an AccidentAn Idaho Falls police officer was involved in a car crash while on the way to investigate a school bus accident. Reporters say an SUV was attempting to make a left turn when the police officer was approaching. A car accident occurred when the officer decided to go around the SUV when but did not realize the SUV was unaware of him. The SUV hit the side of the police car causing it to collide into a parked car and a fence. No injuries were reported from this car accident. Respondents to the school bus accident said the bus was transporting children at the time of the crash but no one was injured.

Avoid an Accident with Emergency Vehicles

Drivers of emergency vehicles are to exercise due care but are not required to obey all traffic laws when in a hurry to get to an accident. Here are some tips to avoid a car accident with an emergency vehicle.

When an emergency vehicle approaches from behind, pull over to the side as soon as it is safe to do so. Even when attempting to move out of the way of an emergency vehicle, it is still very important to look for any other oncoming traffic such as a pedestrian or bicyclist.

If an emergency vehicle approaches from the front, still slow down and pull over to the side. Sometimes police cars, ambulances and fire trucks have to drive on the wrong side of the road to avoid traffic. By pulling over, you give the necessary space to emergency vehicles to proceed.

In the event you find yourself following an emergency vehicle, leave 300 to 500 feet in front of you for following distance. Never tailgate an emergency vehicle as it could be very dangerous.

When an emergency vehicle is stopped in your lane, move over and proceed with extreme caution. It is when an emergency responder is required to stay in the follow of traffic that is becomes the most dangerous for them.

Emergency responders do not have an easy job. Always be cautious of them and be patient. Click the link for the Idaho Rules of the Road for authorized emergency or police vehicles.

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