After colliding with a semi-truck Thursday evening on Highway 20 in Madison County three people were rushed to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center. The incident occurred around 7pm just north of Lorenzo Bridge. The three people were traveling north in a vehicle when they collided with the semi-truck, which was carrying straw. Multiple police and emergency crews responded to the scene. According to the Madison County Sheriff the truck was traveling east, attempting to cross the northbound traffic and enter southbound traffic when the vehicle struck it. The driver and front passenger of the vehicle had to be extracted. Along with the passenger in the back seat, the driver and front passenger were transported to EIRMC by ambulance. All who were involved were wearing seatbelts but the extent of the injuries is unknown. The driver of the semi-truck was not injured and was cited for the accident.

When driving on the road with semi-trucks there are some things that you need to remember and pay attention to. This is because they are so large compared to other vehicles that to be involved in an accident with a semi and not having some type of injury is almost unheard of. The most important thing to do is to give semi-trucks a lot of room. With adequate space between yourself and a semi-truck you are able to be safer if things such as tire blowouts, intense swaying or even tipping over were to happen. It is also important to remember that there are many blind spots for the driver of the semi. Make sure that you aren’t staying in those areas and that if you are passing a semi-truck to do so on the left and then not to cut right in front of them as soon as you can, give some space between the two of you. At night and especially in winter when it is so dark so early and weather can change quickly, pay special attention to your surroundings and the road to be the safest.