On Thursday, September 10, 2015 the Pocatello Police Department and Idaho State Police reported multiple accidents in Pocatello on I-15 near milepost 71. These crashes are the result of a semi-truck overturning and releasing bees it was transporting. The Idaho State Police reported at least a two-vehicle injury crash because of the bees, an accident involving a motorcycle, as well as the crash of the semi-truck. A portion of I-15 was closed down due to the accidents and bee swarms. The two-vehicle crash involved a tanker semi and a car. One of the tankers on the semi rolled as well as the car, ending up on it’s top. All of the crashes are being investigated. Local authorities are also asked residents to stay indoors with their windows closed due to the swarming bees.

If you happen to witness an accident or are passing by one on the road there are certain things that you should do. One of the most important things when you are passing by an accident is to pay attention to what is happening in front of you and not the accident. Taking your eyes off the road to see what is happening is the most common cause of other accidents close to the scene of an accident. If you happen to witness an accident you should first pull off the road completely in an area away from the crash to ensure that emergency personnel have complete access to the scene. Second, call 9-1-1. Third, check to see if anyone is injured but do not move anyone unless it is a life-threatening situation. Moving someone could cause further injury. Lastly, wait for the authorities to give your statement. You can also be of help by taking pictures of the accident but be prepared to give these to law enforcement.