Saturday Jan, 9th an Idaho Falls teenager was rushed to the hospital after an accident in Bonneville County with a serious head wound. The accident happened around 11 p.m near the 7000 block of North 5th West. Both the Idaho Falls Fire Department and Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office responded.

According to witnesses at the scene a Scion tC was found upside down in a canal. The driver, a teenage male, exited the Scion and crawled out of the canal. The driver was very confused and unaware of the accident he had been involved in. Witnesses provided first aid until emergency personnel could arrive. The section of road where this crash occurred is known for accidents. Since 2006 there has been three fatal accidents in the same vicinity.

When dealing with any accident you need to be aware of possible or apparent injuries. In any accident where a brain injury is suspected or apparent there are certain steps that should be done until emergency personnel can arrive at the scene. One thing to remember when dealing with head injuries is that symptoms may not be present right away; they can develop at a later time. This is important because not all head injuries are obvious but still can be serious. Symptoms of a head injury are becoming very sleepy, severe headache or stiff neck, unequal pupil sizes, loss of consciousness and vomiting more than once.

With all head injuries you should always assume that the spine might be injured, so you should not move the person unless it is absolutely necessary. You should also not remove any object that may be sticking out of the wound. If the person seems dazed or confused do not shake them. Also do not wash a head wound that is bleeding a lot or deep. Or apply direct pressure to the bleeding site if a skull fracture is suspected. Most importantly, an individual with a possible head injury should be evaluated by a medical professional.


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