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    Bonneville County Dog Bite Laws

    The dog bite attorneys at Brent Gordon Law Firm have helped many dog bite victims receive a fair settlement. The following is the Bonneville County dog bite laws. Please check the following link to city ordinances for any updates or changes to the laws: (https://www.co.bonneville.id.us/images/PDF/Commissioner/Ordinances/113-79.pdf ; Ordinance No. 113-79, Dogs):


    DOG: The term “dog” shall mean and include either male or female.

    DOG OF LICENSING AGE: The term “dog of licensing age” shall mean any dog which has attained the age of three (3) months.

    UNLICENSED DOG: The term “unlicensed dog” shall mean a dog for which a license has not been issued for the current year, or to which the tag provided for in this chapter is not attached.

    OWNER: The term “owner” when applied to the proprietorship of a dog shall mean any person owning, keeping or harboring a dog.

    AT LARGE: The term “at large” shall mean any dog off or away from the premises of the owner, possessor or keeper thereof, and not under the control of such owner, possessor or keeper, or his agent or servant or a member of his immediate family, either by leash, cord or chain, or while confined within a vehicle.

    DOG KENNEL: The term “dog kennel” shall be defined as commercial and non-commercial as herein provided for, and will be considered a premise where more than two (2) dogs of licensing age are kept or maintained.

    POUND: The term “pound” shall mean an animal shelter, lot, premises or buildings maintained by the Ci ty for the confinement and care of dogs seized either under the provisions of this Chapter or otherwise.

    IMPOUNDED: The term “impounded” shall mean having been received into the custody of the Municipal Pound or into the custody of the dog catcher, Sheriff’s Department or any authorized agent or representative thereof.

    VICIOUS DOG: The term “vicious dog” shall mean any dog which has bit ten any person other than in self defense or under provocation, or a dog that has a known propensity to attack or bi te human beings, or other animals.

    License Required

    It shall be unlawful for any person to keep or harbor any dog three (3) months or more of age within the County without paying a license fee as herein provided. Dogs kept or maintained in a dog kennel need not be individually licensed, but must be restricted to the premises or on leash and under control at all times. Dogs used as guides for blind persons and commonly known as “seeing eye” dogs shall be licensed and registered as other dogs herein provided for, except that the owner or keeper of such dog shall not be required to pay any fee therefor.

    Tags to be Placed on Collar

    The metal tag as described in Section 6-3-3 shall be attached to the collar of the dog, which the owner or person in charge of the dog shall provide and which shall be placed and kept upon the neck of the dog so licensed. If the metal tag be lost, a duplicate tag shall be obtained by making application to the Assessor who shall issue such duplicate tag upon payment by the applicant of one dollar ($l.00) fee.

    Record of License

    The Assessor shall keep a sui table record of the licenses issued under the provisions of this Chapter and shall record all of the facts required to be stated in the license. Duplicate records of licenses issued shall be properly maintained by the pound master at the Animal Shelter.

    Impounding of Dogs

    All dogs found running at large are declared to be public nuisances and it will be the duty of all patrolmen or authorized pound master to take them up and impound. Terms of the impoundment, redemption, sale or other disposal of such dogs shall be as follows:

    (A) Unlicensed Dogs. All dogs not licensed or not identified by tag found running at large will be retained in the Pound for a minimum of five (5) days. At any time during five (5) days the owner or keeper of such dog may redeem It by procuring a license as in this Chapter provided, and by paying in addition a fee to the pound master of ten dollars ($10.00) as impound fee, plus three dollars ($3.00) per day for each day of impoundment as a boarding fee.

    (B) Licensed Dogs. All licensed and properly identified dogs (with dog tags) found running at large shall be retained in the Pound for a minimum of five (5) days after the owner i s not i fled in writing of the impoundment. As .soon as reasonably possible following impoundment of a properly identified dog, the pound master shall give notice of the impoundment to the owner of the dog by telephone, if possible. If the dog is not redeemed within twelve (12) hours after impoundment, the pound master shall notify the owner of the impoundment by Certified mail addressed to the owner at his last known address. At any time during the said five (5) day period such owner may redeem said dog by paying an impound fee to the pound master a of Ten dollars ($10.00) as impound fee, plus Three Dollars ($3.00) for each day of impoundment as a boarding fee. The five (5) day period shall commence to run at noon on the day following the posting of the registered letter.

    (C) The impound fee shall be $25.00 for a second impounding of the same dog while under the same registered ownership, and shall be Fifty dollars ($50.00) for a third or any subsequent impounding of the same dog while under the same registered ownership.

    (D) No dog shall be re leased to a person redeeming unless the dog is then licensed and wearing a license tag.

    (E) Unclaimed Dogs. Any dog not redeemed within the periods of time as herein stated 2. (two) working days, may be sold by the pound master to any person for the best price obtainable.

    (F) Disposal of Dogs. In case any dog is not redeemed or sold as herein provided for the dog shall be destroyed by euthanasia and the carcass disposed of in any lawful manner.


    If a dog has bitten, scratched or otherwise attacked a person, the owner of such dog or any person having knowledge of such incident shall immediately notify the Sheriff’s Department and the Health Officer. The pound master shall have authority to require the owner of any dog which has bitten any person so as to cause an abrasion of the skin, or showing of rabies, to subject such dog to impoundment at the regular daily fee, or to a practicing veterinarian for quarantine enclosure from which it cannot escape and which is not accessible to the public and approved by an Animal Control Officer; and shall be kept for a minimum period of ten (10) days, and if such dog shall be determined free of rabies, the dog shall be re turned to the owner. If the impoundment fee is not paid, the dog will be subject to disposal as herein provided.

    Further, it shall be the duty of all practicing veterinarians to report to the Health Officer all cases of rabies or suspected rabies with which he comes in con tact or to which his attention has been directed.

    No person shall kill or cause to be killed, any rabid dog, any dog suspected of having been exposed to rabies, or any dog biting a human, except as herein provided, nor remove same from the County without written permission of the Health Officer.

    Unlawful for Dogs to Run at Large

    (A) Any person who shall harbor or keep on his premises, or in his control any dog which by loud and unusual barking or howling, shall disturb the peace and quiet – of the neighborhood, or the occupants of adjacent premises, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

    (B) I t shall be unlawful for any owner or keeper of a dog to allow said dog to be on any public street, alley, sidewalk or any public way or public place within the County unless said dog is on a leash not exceeding eight fee t (8′) in length or is confined within a vehicle; provided, however, the Commissioner may, upon application of any person, authorize the dogs participating therein to be controlled by competent attendants. Further the Commissioners may designate such areas of the County which may be used, subject to such rules and regulations as may be prescribed, for the training or exercise of dogs. Dogs within such areas so designated need not be controlled by leash, but shall be under the control of a responsible person and controlled by whistle , voice or other effective command.

    (C) I t shall be unlawful for any owner or keeper of a dog to allow said dog to run upon any proper ty in the County without the consent of the owner or tenant in possession of said property.

    (D) Female in Heat Prohibited Running At Large: The owner of a female dog shall cause such dog, when in season, to be penned ‘or enclosed in such a manner as to preclude other dogs from at tacking such female dog or being attracted to such female dog so as to create a public nuisance.

    (E) Breeding of Dogs: I t shall be unlawful for any person to le t to a female dog, any dog, except within an enclosure, so arranged as to obstruct such animal completely from the view of all persons who have no proprietary interest in the breeding of such animals.

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