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Bicycle Accident Attorneys

The bicycle accident attorneys and lawyers of Brent Gordon Law Firm understand how to get a fair settlement for their clients. We are here to assist victims of bike accidents in Pocatello, Blackfoot, Idaho Falls, Rigby, Rexburg, and other surrounding areas. Our experienced bicycle accident lawyers will take steps to ensure your rights are fully protected. The law office of Brent Gordon will seek recovery for all of your damages and maximize your recovery and settlement. Our injury lawyers have successfully represented bicyclists and obtained impressive settlements for our bicycle accident clients.

Bike Accident Injuries in Southeast Idaho

Serious injuries often result from bicycle accidents due to the lack of protection to bicyclists and the size and force differences when a vehicle collides with a bike. Our experienced attorneys will help ensure that our bicycle accident clients obtain appropriate medical care and treatment and ensure that the negligent motorist is held accountable. Take the stress out of your bicycle accident by allowing our experienced attorneys to handle the insurance companies as well as your medical bills and any lost wages. We will fight for every penny you are owed. No attorney fees will be collected until after your case is settled.

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What to Do After a Bicycle Accident

  1. Call 911 and wait for police to arrive. It is important to wait for the police to arrive after an accident so a police report will be taken and filed. Even if you do not feel you were injured, a police report will make a big difference in the outcome of your case.
  2. Tell your version of what happened to the police officer. Be sure to report all injuries even if you think they are minor. Minor injuries can later become major.
  3. Gather the personal information of the driver and any witnesses of the accident. Information to gather includes their full name, phone number, address and driver’s license number of the driver. A name and phone number of each witness is sufficient. If you are too injured to gather this information, ask a bystander to do it for you.
  4. Take photos of the bicycle accident scene. Photos such as your bike, the vehicle that hit you and any skid marks on the road are great evidence that can greatly help your case.
  5. Write down your statement of what happened as well as any injuries you incurred from the accident.
  6. The last but most important step after a bicycle accident is to contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at Brent Gordon Law Firm to handle your case.

Tips to Avoid Bicycle Accidents After Dark

Many choose to bike after dark to get in more time for exercise. This is especially true during late Fall and Winter months when it gets dark early. Gordon Law Firm of Idaho Falls and Pocatello would like to remind drivers to be extra cautious of bike riders. After dark, drivers have a limited line of vision. Sometimes the only form of light for drivers is the car’s headlights. Also, depth and peripheral vision is worsened because of poor or limited light. If you are going to ride a bicycle after dark, here are some things to remember to avoid bicycle accidents after dark.

  1. Stay on well-lit streets.
  2. Wear reflective gear.
  3. Add reflective gear to your bike.
  4. Take extra lights.

Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents are more common than most people realize. Here are the most typical causes of bicycle accidents according to the NHTSA National Survey on Bicyclist and Pedestrian Attitudes and Behaviors.

Bicyclist Hit by a Car

Thirty percent of all bicycle accidents are caused by the rider being hit by a car. Drivers are to always be aware of what is around them and yield the right of way to all pedestrians and bicyclists. However, often times bicyclists are not seen by a driver. When riding a bike, yield to caution by wearing brightly colored clothing. It is also helpful for you to beware of vehicles and make eye contact before crossing a street.

Falling Off a Bike

Seventeen percent of all bicycle accident is from the rider falling off the bike. There are many reasons for this. For example, the rider may have been startled from an unforeseen object or person.

Hazardous Road Conditions

Thirteen percent of bike accidents are due to bad road conditions. If you can, avoid roadways that are in need of repair when riding your bike to avoid these types of accidents.

An Error of the Bicyclist

Thirteen percent of bike accidents are from the rider making an error.

Colliding with a Fixed Object

Seven percent of bicycle accidents are due to the rider colliding with a fixed object. For instance, an inexperienced bicyclist may accidentally run into a light pole. Or the rider may have been distracted and hit the pole.

Hitting a Dog or Small Child Running into the Street

When a dog runs into the street, they may potentially be hit by a bicyclist or a car. Four percent of all bicycle accident has been due to a dog running into the street.

How to Prepare Your Kids to Avoid a Bike Accident

  1. Make sure your kids are wearing a good bike helmet whenever they are on their bike. A helmet will help protect your child from head and brain injuries.
  2. Prepare your child’s bike with a tune-up. For example, wipe off the frame, make sure bolts are tight, lubricate the chain, check the brakes and inflate any flat tires. This will help prevent common bike accidents such as a chain breaking or a flat tire.
  3. Practice helping your kids avoid hazards such as large rocks, toys, potholes, etc. while riding their bike.
  4. Teach your kids their bike is to be treated like a vehicle, not a toy. Bicyclists have the same rules to follow as a vehicle whenever it enters the roadway.
  5. Start with teaching some basic rules of the road such as stay to the right, keep a safe distance from other bikes or people, look both ways, etc.

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